Meet Our Team


Emma Jue-Sans (President)

Emma is going into her third year of mock trial. Last year she won a total of 8 individual awards over the course of 7 tournaments, including an intercollegiate outstanding attorney award at ORCS. This is a vast improvement from the previous year when she won 0 awards. Emma prides herself on her encyclopedic knowledge of the Shrek franchise. Although Emma is little she is fierce especially if there are white boards around. Emma is a force to be reckoned with.


Vicky Venegas (Vice-President)

Vicky is in her second year of mock trial with us. Last year she won an outstanding witness award at ORCS for her portrayal of Remy Hollis, the southern band manager who taught Taylor Swift everything she knows. Vicky is a second year political science major. She attributes her success and confidence to her iconic red heels (Which Jose sadly said were inappropriate for being an attorney but okay to play Remy) but it’s okay because she has the same pair in black.

Famous Quote: “The Hound Dogs are dogs not people.” (The Hound Dogs however are in fact, people.)


Manshaan Singh (Treasurer)

Manshaan is one of the youngest members to receive a perfect score on a closing argument. More impressively, Manshaan accomplished this perfect score against UCLA and USC, as a first-year mock trialer. Manshaan is majoring in Environmental Biology and is an avid member of the Sikh Student Association at Cal Poly. Manshaan enjoys debating whether Michael Jordan or Lebron James is the GOAT, but still yells out "Kobe" every time he takes a jump shot. His jump shot skills did cost him last season when he suffered an ankle sprain but that didn’t stop him from giving an amazing closing while walking on crutches. “The story of Icarus is a great story…”

Kaitlyn Baltazar

Kaitlyn is a 2nd year political science major. Last year she gave the opening statement for the plaintiff in her first year of Mock Trial. She also won an award for her portrayal of Danny Kosack the British animal trainer who actually trained Harry Potter’s pet owl Hedwig. Her hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, drinking boba, and wearing off the shoulder tops. Kaitlyn lives by the mantra “Thank you, next.”


Chase Gleason

Chase is a senior political science major. This will be his second year of mock trial. He is also a member of CPP’s Model UN team. He is mostly known for being Channing Tatum’s twin and for playing our world-renown TV show host Alex Grace in last year’s case. Chase enjoys fishing, golf, and singing Alanis Morissette’s Ironic before competitions. He’s also been known to spill coffee on counsel table from time to time. His biggest piece of advice “When it’s your first time, always use protection” for when you have a chimp on a TV set for the first time of course.


Rogelio Fontes

Rogelio is a second year political science major. He is incredibly dedicated to the art of being a mock trial witness, so much so that he even wore makeup one time to play makeup artist Ashley Thornhill. This was the performance where he uttered his famous line “Losing me as a makeup artist is revenge enough”. His only downfall is that he is a frat boy and sometimes that means leaving the team to do frat boy things but he makes up for it by being the life of the party and scoring those extra character points. Rogelio has also been described as an emo artsy boy but really he’s just pretending. This will be Rogelio’s second year of Mock Trial.


Tyrone Collins

Tyrone is a second year Aerospace Engineering major. This is his second year of mock trial with the team. He gave the opening statement for the defense at the Claremont Regional Tournament. Tyrone was our #1 hype man at ORCS and the best time-keeper out there. He’s always willing to give a word of encouragement or sing along to some throwbacks with you on the way to competitions.


Amanda Correa

Amanda is starting her fourth year in mock trial and grows more fond of the art of argument every year. She is majoring in Political Science and strives to improve her craft. Amanda has the unique understanding that there are always two sides to every coin, even Canadian ones.