Our Coaches



Professor Raul C. Sabado

Professor Sabado is the founder of Cal Poly Pomona Mock Trial Program, Alumni of Cal Poly Pomona, and Alumni of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. He was a Public Defender for LA County for several years and in 2012 started his own Criminal Law practice Sabado & Associates LLC. He has represented hundreds of individuals in criminal law matters successfully and continues to do so to this very day. 

In addition to being our coach, Professor Sabado teaches the Cal Poly Pomona Mock Trial Class (PLS 308/308A), Intro into Public Law (PLS 207), and the Criminal Justice System (PLS 304). He has also started teaching at the University of La Verne College of Law, the only American Bar Association accredited university in the Inland Empire. He is well known for using the Socratic Method when teaching students and getting students to think critically about information.

James Speights 

James Speights is an Alumni of Cal Poly Pomona and graduated from Whittier Law School. He is currently a practicing criminal law attorney at Sabado & Associates. 

James is also a former member of the Cal Poly Pomona Mock Trial Team and is known for his superb delivery of closing arguments.


Keith Ruiz

Keith Ruiz, an Alumni of Cal Poly Pomona, has succeeded as a mock trial coach in countless competitions over approximately a decade. When he's not teaching students the art of trial, he directs his efforts towards solving the world's problems. 

Keith is well known in the mock trial universe for not only his stellar performances when he was student, but also for the hours he has volunteered as a judge for some of the most prestigious competitions. 

Matt Gomez

Matt Gomez is also an Alumni of Cal Poly Pomona and graduated from Southwestern Law School. You can find him helping individuals at Sabado & Associates with DUI cases and other complex criminal litigation.

Matt also participated in the Cal Poly Pomona Mock Trial Team. He is an admirer of the art of the cross-examination and loves the challenge of a tough witness.