Team Roster

Steph Barrow.jpeg

Stephanie Barrow (President)

Stephanie is currently majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is currently in her fourth year at Cal Poly and is beginning her second year on the Mock Trial Team. Stephanie has the unique ability of diffusing awkward situations with her wit and intelligence. Stephanie's hobbies include avoiding social media websites and staying off the grid. As a kid, she competed at the national level for Hide and Seek. 

Emma Jue-Sans (Vice President)

Emma, as a first-year mock trialer, gave the opening statement for Cal Poly's varsity mock trial team at the Opening Round of the Championship Series. Emma is majoring in Political Science and is a devoted member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. A fun fact about Emma is that she plays the guitar. A sad fact about Emma is that she refuses to play anything other than Smashmouth. Emma also has a dangerous obsession for puns. She was once quoted saying, "I don't trust stairs, because they're always UP to something."


Manshaan Singh (Treasurer)

Manshaan is one of the youngest members to receive a perfect score on a closing argument. More impressively, Manshaan accomplished this perfect score against UCLA and USC, as a first-year mock trialer. Manshaan is majoring in Environmental Biology and is an avid member of the Sikh Student Association at Cal Poly. Manshaan enjoys debating whether Michael Jordan or Lebron James is the GOAT, but still yells out "Kobe" every time he takes a jump shot. 


Esmeralda Eufracios

Esmeralda is a well-established veteran of mock trial. She is beginning her third year on the mock trial team and is coming off an award-winning season where she was ranked Top Attorney. Esmeralda is an Economics major that minors in English with an emphasis in Econometric studies. Many people do not believe that "econometric" is an actual word, but Esmeralda is a true crusader of the pro-econometric movement. 

Anthony Hernandez

Amanda Correa

Amanda is starting her third year in mock trial and grows more fond of the art of argument every year. She is majoring in Political Science and strives to improve her craft. Amanda has the unique understanding that there are always two sides to every coin, even Canadian ones. 

Margaret Ojeda

Chantel Everett

Chantel currently majors in Political Science. When she is not studying for her political science classes or practicing new mock trial accents, she enjoys watching The Bachelorette, fighting for justice in her local community, and taking some of the most unique pictures at Disneyland. Ask her about her favorite pair of sandals. 

Katherine Ojeda

Joshua Montanez

Joshua has won the All-American-Car-Road-Trip-Attorney Award in every mock trial road trip he has gone on. His passion for advocating inside vehicles is breathtaking and truly unparalleled. Some say he has taken his skills to new heights and can be seen leaving vehicles in the hopes of entering another persons car to find a worthy challenger.

Mark Davis

Genesis Gonzalez

Before each trial Genesis likes to do a unique handshake with each of her teammates. She is the only person known to mankind that incorporates math, geography, and astrology in a single handshake. All that is left to perfect each handshake is telling her teammates the routine before the handshaking begins. 


Your Name Here

Fun, positive attitude, and willing to work hard. Knows how to listen as well as they argue. Be ready to enter the world of mock trial.