Team Roster

Kristen Khair

Kristen is currently majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. She plans to graduate from Cal Poly as part of the 2018 class. She's beginning her third year of mock trial and grows to love it more each year. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys rocking out to Rise Against, but also has a soft spot for Careless Whisper by George Michael.  

Jared Gonzales

With two years of mock trialing behind him, Jared is graduating with a bachelors in Political Science. His love of mock trial is only matched with his love for a freshly pressed two-piece suit. Nothing fazes him, not even when his battery is on 2%. Ask him what DILLIGAS means and he'll tell you how he really feels about you. 

Jose Contreras

Have you ever met someone who you know is going to be someone of importance one day? Well, Jose is that person. Leading the pack with three years of mock trial experience, Jose is a Political Science major who dreams of success. Also, I'm pretty sure he sleeps in a suit. So get in his good graces, because he's likely to be your boss one day. 

the kahn.jpg

Sara Vasquez

Sara is a Liberal Studies major who is quickly stacking up years of mock trial experience. You can't stop her when she is on fire. Seriously, don't bother! Just put down the fire extinguisher and run! If you type her name in your phone, the fire emoji pops up. She puts the flammable in the word inflammable.

 Anthony Hernandez

Bradley Kahn

No matter the time, place, or day, Bradley is stuck in traffic. Rumor has it that Bradley is designing his own traffic alert app while stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, he is forever destined to fail because he can't get out of traffic. The name of his app is called "Don't Drive with Bradley".

 Margaret Ojeda

Madeline Perez

Madeline currently takes on the inexplicably difficult Mechanical Engineering major. She plans on graduating from Cal Poly in 2019 and has an award winning year of mock trial under her belt. When she is not studying for her engineering classes or practicing new mock trial accents, this southern belle enjoys watching The Bachelorette, fighting for justice in her local community, and taking some of the most unique pictures at Disneyland. 

 Katherine Ojeda

Esmeralda Eufracios

Esmeralda has won the All-American-Car-Road-Trip-Attorney Award in every mock trial road trip she has gone on. Her passion for advocating inside vehicles is breathtaking and truly unparalleled. Some say she has taken her skills to new heights and can be seen leaving vehicles in the hopes of entering another persons car to find a worthy challenger.

 Mark Davis

Paulina Darett

Before each trial Paulina likes to do a unique handshake with each of her teammates. She is the only person known to mankind that incorporates math, geography, and astrology in a single handshake. All that is left to perfect each handshake is telling her teammates the routine before the handshaking begins. 


Michael Lopez

When Michael first joined mock trial he resembled Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Now, after completing his last year of mock trial, he resembles Tom Hanks in Big. During the mock trial Opening Rounds of the Championship Series, Michael acquired the nickname M-Lo, because he Makes a Lot of Objections. Or wait, maybe it's because his is name is Michael Lopez. In any event, don't call him M-Lo. He hates that.  

Maxwell Iskiev

Maxwell is one of the greatest witnesses to ever participate in mock trial. If you see Maxwell in person, ask him to do his infamous Dr. Fogel character. (Thank me later) And if you have a couple of hours to spare, you could ask him what digital analytics accomplishes. 

Julie Meriales

Julie is an essential member of the mock trial team. She brings a level of energy that is unmatched by any member over the years of mock trial. The team would not be the same without her. 

 Jean Campbell

Amanda Correra

Believe it or not Amanda likes making objections in her sleep. We have told members of the team that if you stay in the same room as Amanda be prepared to argue objections in the middle of the night. Some of our science major mockers have proposed playing mock trial footage during the night or making her fall asleep during a round to see what may result.