The Mock Trial Class

PLS 308/308A - Mock Trial: Teaches students to design and present effective opening statements and closing arguments with an emphasis on storytelling techniques and common literary and oratory devices. Prepares students to execute controlled and fruitful direct and cross examinations of witnesses. Provides a realistic environment in which to strategically apply the Federal Rules of Evidence. Guides analysis of fact patterns; Teaches and evaluates courtroom decorum and public speaking skills; Leads Socratic discussions; Lectures on such topics as: law school admissions, police investigations; law school applications.

Look for us at Orientation, Welcome Week, and Club Fairs!!!

Your Awesome Professor!!!

Professor Sabado is the founder of Cal Poly Pomona Mock Trial Program, Alumni of Cal Poly Pomona, and Alumni of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. He was a Public Defender for LA County for several years and in 2012 started his own Criminal Law practice Sabado & Associates LLC. He has represented hundreds of individuals in criminal law matters successfully and continues to do so to this very day. 

In addition to being our coach, Professor Sabado teaches the Cal Poly Pomona Mock Trial Class (PLS 308/308A), Intro into Public Law (PLS 207), and the Criminal Justice System (PLS 304). He has also started teaching at the University of La Verne College of Law, the only American Bar Association accredited university in the Inland Empire. He is well known for using the Socratic Method when teaching students and getting students to think critically about information.


Prof Sabado is honestly one of the best professors I have had at Cal Poly. He does seem quite intimidating at first, but he helps you come out of your shell! Definitely recommend him without a doubt.
Great class, it really helped with my public speaking skills more so than any other speaking class I had taken. It’s been the best class I’ve taken at Cal Poly Pomona, if you’re intereset in law school or just looking to improve your public speaking skills or learn more about the law I heavily recommend this class to anyone, and everyone.
Best decision I ever made at Cal Poly. Inspired me to go to law school, and drastically improved my public speaking and arguing abilities. Professor is very knowledgeable.